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Butterfly Junior Stationary Ping Pong Table

The Butterfly Junior table tennis table is a ¾ size table tennis table, making it ideal for homes and other locations where a full size table would be too large. The Butterfly Junior table is just under 7’ x 4’ and stands 2’6” high and divides into two equal halves. Each half has legs that fold into the top and two wheels are located in the center of each half, allowing for simple maneuverability and economic storage. The playing top is 12mm thick and is protected by a strong steel frame and attractive magenta corner pieces that perfectly accentuate the vibrant blue or green top color. The table requires no assembly and comes with a simple-to-use Butterfly clip net and post set that is the same height as a regular net. The Butterfly Junior Table is the perfect choice for families or those simply looking for space-saving fun.
  • The perfect table for families or those looking for space-saving fun
  • NO Assembly Required
  • 3-year warranty
  • The table is L 81” x W 45” x H 30”
  • Economic storage width of 3 inches
  • 12mm green or blue top
  • Net and post set included